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Today, there are so many products in our world that contain a sustainability component that it can be challenging to
Pick only one! We’re giving you a “variety pack” of eco-friendly Cool, Outrageous Stuff for November to help you consider how to use alternative products in more areas of your life.

Skincare by Lilixir
The skincare products from Lilixir are only as beneficial to the environment as they are to your skin. The serums combine plant-based, responsibly sourced ingredients to increase the firmness, tone, and hydration of your skin. A combination of zero-waste cold-pressed plant-based oils, floral actives, and natural bio-nutrients helps prevent dry skin. Safflower, papaya, rosehip, chia seed, baobab, and jojoba seeds are common plant ingredients. Beyond skincare, Lilixir’s Golden Gua Sha acupressure tool also gently massages the face while promoting lymph drainage and blood circulation. Additionally, it is made of breathable stainless steel. The business is dedicated to responsible beauty, which means that all of its products are produced and packaged with the least amount of environmental impact. Lilixir promises to plant a tree for each bottle of goods sold. Additionally, products are healthier, cruelty-free, and free of dangerous chemicals. www. us


Shoes for Allbirds
a footwear manufacturer that is good for the environment and your feet! Allbirds features shoes for women, men, and kids, including sneakers, hiking boots, flats, slip-ons and clothing. The Tree Runner styles, which are made of eucalyptus fiber that is light and lightweight and ideal for hot days, are in high demand. Looking for something slightly cozier? To keep your feet warm on rainy days, check out Allbird’s Wool Runners, which are made with Merino wool and bio-based water repellant technology. Tree fiber, sugar cane, and Trino, Allbird’s unique blend of wool and tree fibers, are additional materials used. The bottles used to make shoes are recovered plastic. Do you want more? The carbon footprint for each shoe is made available on each product page by Allbirds, which is very committed to transparency and sustainability. The business adheres to a great standard for ethical material sourcing, and it has already made progress toward its objective of reducing its carbon footprint by half by 2025 and becoming nearly carbon neutral by 2030. ReRun, a resale market on Allbirds, is where you can buy gently used and somewhat worn shoes. www.


Water bottles in gray
Having a reusable water bottle is one thing, but Grayl’s GeoPress Water Filter and Purifier will help you avoid plastic water bottles and keep your adventures secure. The BPA-free bottle produces 24 fluid ounces of clean drinking water in only eight seconds by removing waterborne pathogens like the Rotavirus, Noroviruses, and different contaminants. The activated carbon absorbs a variety of substances, including heavy metals, flavors, odors and pesticides. Also, electrolytes and sport drink mixes can be added without compromising the filter’s integrity thanks to the cartridge design and One-Way Drink Mix Valve. Grayl is a member of numerous organizations that help people and the environment, including 1 % for the Planet, The Conservation Alliance, All Hands and Helpers, and many others. www.


Yoga Mats from Aurora
With Aurorae’s Yoga Mats, yoga time can be even more rejuvenating and sleeping. These yoga mats are portable, portable, non-slip, and machine washable. Since the mats are made with an eco-friendly patented Polymer Environmental Resin ( PER ) free of toxins, phthalates, polyphenols, PAHS, latex, silicone, and rubber, beautiful designs go hand in hand with sustainability. The standard size mats are available, but Aurorae even has a supersized mat that is more than six feet long. A 100 % natural Portugal Oak Cork natural cork and rubber mat are available from Aurorae. It is recyclable and biodegradable because it is free of PVC, TPE, and biochemical plastics. www.

Razors for Leaf Shave
With Leaf Shave’s metal steel razors, scratches, terrible shaving, and bothersome plastic shaving are a thing of the past. These razors provide a close shave for everyone and come in one, triple, and dermaplaning blades. On the pivoting head, which also provides electrical load assistance, normal safety razor blades can be changed. Over three million biodegradable plastic razors could be prevented from going to the landfill each year by switching out the blades on a second stainless steel razor. Leaf Shave supports climate action nonprofits in addition to packaging and shipping its razors without the use of plastic. www. www.leafshave .com


Headlamps made of dark diamonds
You need a dependable headlamp that does n’t require additional luggage if you’re starting your adventure before the sun rises. Think about the R-Series or Double Fuel Rechargeable Headlamps from Black Diamond. Both provide various beam pattern options, water protection, and brightness that is simple to adjust. The lithium-ion batteries in the R-series are appealing because they can be recharged from a car, compact power source, solar panel, or wall charger. Three Triple A alkaline batteries or rechargeable lithium ion battery backs are available with the Multi Fuel. As a result, you can disconnect from the grid while also recharging at the following USB port. Both series can be submerged for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. Black Diamond adheres to sustainability by recycling extra cardboard and scrap metal. The business has previously recycled 11, 157 pounds of glass, and 1.67 metric tons of CO2 have been saved as a result of its recycling efforts. The business was founded as a part of the Fair Labor Working Group for the Outdoor Industry Association. www.

In our Product section, you can find more eco-friendly Great Ridiculous Stuff products.

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