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New deals for looking at include &nbsp, 3D printing for automotive manufacturing, copper-free motors, and not just one but two markets for recyclable materials.

Food&nbsp, Agriculture &amp,

Online marketplaces for surplus and expired food products are offered by Motatos&nbsp, ( 2013 ). Since its launch in 2014, it asserts to have recirculated more than 60 000 tonnes of food and consumer goods across its five German markets. For 2022, it reported €80 million in revenue. In addition, &nbsp,

On November 23, Motato raised$ 43 million in growth equity funding. In addition, &nbsp,

The money will be used to automate warehouses and expand its operations in the European and Nordic regions. In addition, &nbsp,

Power&nbsp, Energy &amp, and NBSp

Energy management solutions are offered by Eliq ( 2008 ) to aid in utility engagement. In addition, &nbsp,

Eliq received$ 10.9 million in Series B funding on November 21. In addition, &nbsp,

This funding will help it accelerate its sales and marketing initiatives while also advancing the creation of its products. Participants in this funding round included Inven Capital, Fortum, and Axpo. &nbsp,

Chemicals&nbsp, Materials &amp,

Divergent Technologies (2014) is a developer of 3D printing technologies for automotive manufacturing. DAPS additively manufactures structures through generative design, 3D printing and robotics.  

On November 14th, Divergent Technologies received$ 24M in Series A funding from Hexagon. In addition, &nbsp,

This money will be used to increase the use of its” Dirgent Adaptive Productive System” ( DAPS) process in aerospace and defense production as well as to scale up its application across automotive production. In addition, &nbsp,

Environment&nbsp, Resources &amp,

A platform for buying and selling scrap and recyclable materials is developed by Scrapad ( 2020 ). Across 100 countries, Scrapad now has 2, 700 listed businesses. In addition, &nbsp,

To continue its expansion and market consolidation, Scrapad raised$ 5.5M in seed funding on November 16. This expansion will be made possible by expanding into the target nations, creating a seamless technical product, and hiring experts to scale the business. In addition, &nbsp,

Logistics&nbsp, Transportation &amp,

Designer and producer of environmentally friendly electric motors and powertrain systems, Advanced Electric Machines ( 2018 ). In addition, &nbsp,

On November 21st, Advanced Electric Machines raised$ 28 million in Series A funding to increase production and advance research into fresh motor technologies. Advanced Electric Machines, a spinoff of Newcastle University, will use the money to expand its R&amp, D capabilities in order to produce its copper-free motor and to build an international sales and service base. In addition to &nbsp,

Developing Technologies&nbsp,

For haptic feedback in smartphones, wearable technology, and trackpads, Boreas Technologies ( 2015 ) is a developer of high-voltage, low-power piezo drivers. In addition, &nbsp,

The Series B funding round for Boreas Technologies on November 16th brought in$ 12M from unnamed investors. In addition, &nbsp,

With a focus on mechanical, PC, and portable applications, the investment will be used to accelerate the company’s production capabilities for its ultra-low-power piezo haptic semiconductors. In addition, &nbsp,

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