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At the Align &amp, Design Event- Creating Your Sustainable Home, sponsored by Copenhagen Living and Green Living magazine, on October 18, at Copenhagen’s Gilbert location, 2000 S. Santan Village Pkwy, the nonprofit organization Urban Farming Education raised$ 1, 120. 66. &nbsp,

A Phoenix-based company called Urban Farming Education provides community gardens for schools, people with disabilities, vulnerable individuals, the elder, and those in foster care. The therapeutic advantages of “Ecotherapy” extend beyond the straightforward value of produce to include physical, emotional, and development advantages. Through a network of community assistance, the nonprofit’s Community of Gardens model helps to provide food sovereignty.

At the event, five regional business owners and experts gave speeches. They discussed sustainability in the design industry, sharing their knowledge and perspectives. Landscape architects Brandon Sobiech and Chad Atterbury from Dig Studio, Marlene Imirzian &amp Associates, Jesse Westad, principal at WERK Urban Design, and Michael Geyer, president of Exceptional Water Systems, are also present. &nbsp,

Gilbert Mayor Brigette Peterson attended and participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the two-year anniversary of the Gilbert store opening in Copenhagen. &nbsp,

Staff photographer Brett Prince captured the header image.

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